Slow Fashion


Since founding the brand in 2017, we have seen over the course of 5 years the impetus behind sustainability sky rocket. Not only has there been an expansion of brands into the realm of sustainable fashion, but more importantly we have also seen customers, more than ever before, interested in the process, materials and packaging behind the clothes they are wearing.

A substantial change and development in the role played by the consumer has taken place.  Customers are gradually shifting their mindset and approach towards fashion with kinder and longer lasting garments on the rise. The desire to buy durable clothing as opposed to fast fashion is shifting, and this is impacting our world. However, the movement towards slow fashion has not been, and will not be, a quick transition. The end of fast fashion is sadly nowhere in sight, with only 10% of the fashion industry being sustainable. At PHOEBE GRACE we do believe that the future of fashion is sustainable and transparent, with clothing moving away from linearity, into a circular system of regeneration and restoration.

In 2020, we have seen the development of rental platforms, where customers are reusing and rewearing other peoples clothing, as opposed to disposing them. Clothes have been given new life. PHOEBE GRACE is now on HURR, a platform which keeps our clothes inside the environment, and out of landfills, by allowing you to rent another’s clothes. HURR is selective regarding which brands are allowed to be represented, with their mission to democratise luxury and make fashion circular.  Essentially, the Airb’n’b of fashion. We are now also on By Rotation - another Rental Platform.  We have seen, over the process of four years, fashion become caring, with the growing desire to look after and continue to enjoy our clothes. We have also partnered with the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag, an incredible invention which reduces the particles of plastic entering our oceans from our washing machines. Customers are consistently buying and investing in products which are trying to help our world.

To be part of the slow fashion and fashion forward movement, alongside many other amazing sustainable brands, makes PHOEBE GRACE worth while. Whilst we are not perfect, everyday we are taking steps towards making PHOEBE GRACE a more transparent, sustainable and amazing place to work in.