At PHOEBE GRACE, we are working every day towards making our Brand a transparent and environmentally responsible work place making clothing that women want to wear and feel comfortable and beautiful in.  We also make sure we have lots of fun too.

Our Fabrics

We want you to believe in how you look whilst believing in the clothes you are wearing. That is why at PHOEBE GRACE we are committed to using sustainably generated and regenerated fabrics that are consciously sourced, but with a luxury quality. Our innovative recycled polyester, for example, is made from 100% plastic bottles; reducing landfill, soil contamination and air and water pollution. Whilst occasionally we have to use fabrics which are not sustainable, we are committed to replacing these as soon as we find a compatible alternative.  As a small brand this can take time, and we hope you'll bear with us until then!

Our Prints

At PHOEBE GRACE our prints, which are inspired by Mother Nature, are always created using Digital Textile Printing. This process uses no excess water, less surplus ink, and is AZO dye free.

Our Policy and Products

At PHOEBE GRACE we have said no to single-use plastic and yes to circular textiles wherever possible.  That includes everything from production to packaging. Our labels are made using recycled fabric, our packaging is made using recycled paper and our zips are being replaced to be 100% recycled.

Our Accessories are upcycled from any leftover fabrics, keeping our material out of landfills and oceans and redesigned into new products for you. We also work with companies to sell our old stock, making sure to never incinerate old seasons, and instead, give it the chance to be re-sold into better hands and give some free of charge to charity.

Our Planet

To protect our planet, our surroundings and our animals we need to decrease the impact of polyester on our world. At PHOEBE GRACE we have teamed up with GUPPYFRIEND https://phoebe-grace.co.uk/products/guppyfriend-washing-bag, to stop plastic particles entering our water system by preventing the leakage of damaged particles reaching our oceans.

Whilst we are not perfect, and we recognise that the current face of the fashion industry is not entirely compatible with sustainability, we are trying our best to take part in the slow fashion movement. We create high-quality pieces as an investment which lasts - because why not feel good about dressing good?

Our Goals

1. By 2025 we hope to operate within an entirely closed loop system - keeping our garments circulated within society for as long as possible, maximising our products usability with minimal environmental impact.

 2. By 2022 we would like to transition our packaging to operating on a return basis. Whilst we already use recyclable bags, we would like to see our customers returning their packaging or reusing their packaging, so we can reduce our quantities and reduce our company's overall waste. 

 3. By 2021 we would like to see PHOEBE GRACE enter the growing world of rental fashion, increasing our role in the movement towards slow fashion and away from fast-moving fashion trends. - SUCCESS!