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My Muse and Other Muses

by Janet Newman, Owner, PHOEBE GRACE

My eldest daughter Phoebe started the brand PHOEBE GRACE in 2016, although it was quite some time after that when it was officially launched. Since the inception of PHOEBE GRACE you always need someone to try on sample pieces to see if the fit is right. Luckily Phoebe has a teeny tiny sister and that’s why Hettie got the job of Official PHOEBE GRACE Muse.


Hettie is small and petite - not very tall (can’t have everything) and absolutely beautiful. Not just to look at but to be around too. She’s clever (loves history and being competitive about her knowledge) but she is also a very sensitive kind soul. She has an old head on her, mixed with a sweet immaturity if that makes sense? A very strong independent woman who still prefers to live at home!

There is a big debate around sizing and what should or should not be presented to us all as a good model (excuse the pun), as you all know. I definitely feel that I would feel better about myself if I saw more pictures of older, filled out, women modelling clothes and Im sure that goes for younger people too. As a new participant in fashion world the desire to show your clothes in their best light, is very strong. For me mixed with that is the fact I have this gorgeous daughter living at home who is happy to help out and enjoy the clothes. Most common request when trying something new on is, can she keep it. Its also very difficult to get enough pictures - so please I would love pictures of anyone of you guys that has a PHOEBE GRACE outfit!

As a new brand I need to be aware of how I present my company and that first impressions are incredibly important and as my popularity increases (everything crossed) I will have all sorts modelling my clothes. I have tried my best in a short period of time to make a wider size range and I will continue to do this, as long as the Brand keeps growing. This has huge cost implications which I will bore you with another day. Just watch other brands - some are one size only brands - they have big budgets but they choose not to offer even a basic sizing. In my family, we are all shapes and sizes, we are not all like Hettie. That would be weird.

Would you believe it but very mature models are now more expensive than young models - and it is really expensive to make more than one sample in a different size for photographing at a shoot. I hope this doesn’t come across as moaning - its not meant to. It’s meant to educate and explain why things are done the way they are. I want complete transparency in my Brand.

My third child, Nancy has also been my Muse  but doesn’t live at home anymore and works on (another clever but very blonde girl).


Charlotte is another Muse and she is Hettie's best friend from when they both started school aged four (still at uni).


Em, another beautiful soul and you can see her often in my insta posts. Em is family, in as much as she is my son’s better half. (Training to be a doctor - so hopefully really clever).

Last but not least of course is Ethel - 90 years young and rocking our Pink Cactus Print Shirt. Currently relaxing at home in the UK.

Any questions, please feel happy to contact me.