We love our new packaging....





..... and hope you do too.  Our latest packaging has finally arrived! Inspired by our Summer Daisy Print, the daisy is featured throughout our SS21 Collection, such as on our Bettina Dress. We have updated to make it more fun, easy to post and re-useable if necessary.  When occasionally items are returned, you realise just how much waste there is, in order to keep waste down to a minimum we have made the decision to go reusable! 




Made from soft recycled paper with a beautiful hand-drawn PG daisy...



The packaging is minimalist in footprint, maximalist in space.  The bags have a wooden texture with beautiful branding and expandable sides. They are re-useable with a reduced amount of material used in producing them,  they are also made from renewable material from responsibly managed sources.  Our packaging is made in a facility that meets the requirements of EU Labour Law. 

At PHOEBE GRACE  we are trying our best to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. 





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